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Bradley Beth

Assistant Professor, Math and Computer Science
Vail 473
Academic History:

B.A. (1997), B.S. (2003), M.S. (2016), The University of Texas at Austin

About Bradley Beth

Bradley Beth has worked in computer science education since 2000, wearing many hats, including high school teacher, curriculum designer, computer science education researcher, and faculty.

While at The University of Texas at Austin, he was the primary developer of the _Thriving in Our Digital World_ dual enrollment course, which included a novel college preparation model that has now been generalized to the UT OnRamps program (

His dual enrollment course has now been adapted for use as _UTeach Computer Science Principles_, a n NSF-funded, College Board-endorsed curriculum for the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course (

While a high school teacher, Professor Beth was named, “Teacher with the Largest Number of Latino Students in the Nation Passing the Advanced Placement Computer Science Exam” by College Board in 2007.

Professor Beth has Bachelors degrees in Linguistics and Computer Science, as well as an M.S. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin.


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