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Daniel Regan

Title III Project Advisor, Academic Affairs
McClelland Hall, Room 104
Academic History:

Ph.D., Sociology Yale University, 1977
M.Phil., Sociology Yale University, 1972
M.A. Southeast Asia Studies Yale University, 1971
B.A., English Amherst College , 1966

Selected Publications

  • Modest Ways to Innovate in Higher Ed.” New England Journal of Higher Education

  • Climate Denial and the Limits of Higher Education.” New England Journal of Higher Education

  • Early to College, Likely to Rise? Benefits and Challenges of Early College Programs.” New England Journal of Higher Education

  • Take-a-Knee and U.S. Civil Religion .” Burlington Free Press

  • Learning Through Arthritis .” Living Well Lamoille, The Time Argus

  • Electives Can Play a Crucial Role in Education, So Let’s Stop Neglecting Them. ” The Chronicle of Higher Education 

  • “I Now Pronounce You Graduated.” The Chronicle of Higher Education (June 18-July 2), 2011.

  • “Fostering Active Learning.” News & Citizen, 128, 19 (February 1), 2011).

  • “Educating Each Student.” News & Citizen, 128, 13 (December 21), 2010.

  • “Perspectives: Gramineaphobia (aka Obsessive Power Mowing Syndrome).” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 69, 278 (May 4), 1996.

  • “Point of View: A 50s Boyhood.” Riverdale Press, Bronx, N.Y., 46, 44 (December 28), 1995.

  • “Islamic Resurgence: Characteristics, Causes, Consequences, and Implications.” Journal of Political and Military Sociology 21, 2 (winter): 259-266, 1993.

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  • “Islam as a New Religious Movement in Malaysia.” Chapter 7 in Beckford, James A. and Thomas Luckmann (eds.), The Changing Face of ReligionSage Studies in International Sociology 37. London: Sage, 1989.

  • “To Fund or Not to Fund: Is the Answer Worth the Effort?” Design for Arts in Education 89, 4 (March/April): 51-54, 1988.

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  • “The Rise and Fall of Civil Religion: Comparative Perspectives.” Sociological Analysis (with John Markoff) 42, 4 (Winter): 333-352, 1981.

  • “At the Crossroads of Civilizations: The Cultural Orientations of Malaysian Intellectuals.” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 11, 2 (September): 320-334, 1980.

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  • “Islam, Intellectuals and Civil Religion in Malaysia.” Sociological Analysis 37, 2 (Summer): 95-110, 1976.

  • “Specialization and Involvement: The Modernizing Role of Doctors in Malaysia and Indonesia.” Working Paper No. 16, Department of Sociology, University of Singapore (with Hans-Dieter Evers), 1973. Translated into Indonesian and published in PRISMA (Indonesia), 3 (February): 61-72, 1974.

Professional Activities

Daniel’s numerous presentations at professional conferences and meetings include:

  • “Increasing Faculty Investment in Program Assessment and Review: A Report from the Trenches,” NEASC annual meeting, CIHE Assessment Forum, Boston, 2012.

  • “Impact of Technology on Post-Secondary Education,” invited presentation as part of a panel, Alumni Holiday Reunion, Amherst College, 2011.

  • “On the Virtues and Challenges of a ‘Shotgun’ Approach to Student Success,” New England Conference for Student Success, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2010.

  • Invited presenter, NEASC Fifth-Year Interim Report workshop, Bedford, MA, 2010.

  • “Life after Title III: The Four Ps of Grant Sustainability,” Title III senior directors’ panel, Washington, D.C., 2010.

  • “Evaluating Student Learning in Program Reviews: Ongoing Challenges,” NEASC annual meeting, CIHE Assessment Forum, Vermont State Colleges panel, Boston, 2009. (Panel led to a successful submission to the Davis Foundation for a project on “Improving Learning Outcomes Through System-Wide Program Assessment.”)

  • “Academic Leadership: Lessons from Crisis,” Eduventures annual meeting, Boston, 2009; also, discussant for “Mental Health of College Students” research session.

  • “Early Student Persistence and Success: Strategies, Successes, Challenges,” Eduventures conference, Chicago, IL, 2008.

  • “Working to Improve Student Persistence: Creating ‘Degrees of Freedom’ Under Conditions of Severe Constraint,” NEASC annual meeting, Boston, MA, 2006.

  • “Demography as Destiny: Assessment Strategies and Challenges in Northern New England.” Presentation at Strengthening Higher Education Pathways: Assessment That Matters, a conference sponsored by NEASC and the University of New Hampshire, 2005.

  • “Gaining Traction on Assessment Through the Self-Study Process.” Presentation at NEASC Self-Study Workshop, Marlboro, MA, 2003.


  • Title III ($1.8 million), 2005-2010

  • Davis Educational Foundation ($147,000), 2010-2012

  • Workforce Training Grants, state of Vermont

  • Vermont Campus Compact ($12,000), 2004-2006

  • Vermont State Colleges Learning Communities Fund ($4,000), 2005; ($5,000), 2003

Research Interests

  • Southeast Asia
  • Islam
  • Comparative sociology
  • Religion and politics
  • Field research procedures
  • Sociology of culture and intellectual life