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Philip Parisi

Associate Professor, Visual Arts
Office: HAC-114

About Philip Parisi

To Professor Parisi, teaching students the mechanics of design and digital media isn’t enough. He works also to instill in them an ability to think on their feet and to master the organizational problem-solving skills to take a project from concept to completion.

“Our profession is too dynamic—too fast moving—for students to succeed without being critical thinkers,” he says. “I encourage my students to take control of their environment and to approach each project to make all necessary decisions as they proceed.” He cites self-confidence as a critical factor in student success. “Students need to be confident in their skills and willing to execute a project without constant supervision.”

The Internet is integral to his teaching, both in content and methodology. He has developed many of the courses that he teaches in web design, but he also uses an online environment to teach many of his other courses.

Professor Parisi spent much of his career in photography and digital restoration before deciding to share his years of experience and knowledge with college students. It’s a wonderful opportunity, he says, to “give back” some of what he has learned.


  • New media: social media and internet issues
  • Online education
  • Design
  • Design curriculum