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Stephen Blair

Part-time Instructor, Performing Arts
Dibden Center for the Arts
Academic History:

M.M., Music University of Massachusetts

About Stephen Blair

If you want to get to know Steve Blair, listen to Ostinato or Momentum, his latest CD recordings with the Steve Blair Septet, featuring his original jazz compositions. He’s also performed with the New Nile Orchestra, the Will Patton Ensemble, The Funk Collection, Freefall, and Science Fixion.

“Music is pretty much my life,” says Steve, who plays and teaches music all day and then goes home to South Burlington and writes it.

He has more than 30 years of experience as a guitarist, composer, and educator, and he has toured the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Russia – all to play music. Besides performing with many of Vermont’s best musicians, Steve has worked with major jazz luminaries such as Michael Brecker, Antonio Sanchez, and Andre Kondakov. Among his heroes are John Coltrane, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, and George Benson.

When students wonder why they can get a degree in jazz, but not in rock, he explains: “Jazz gives you the wide spectrum of tools that a musician needs to know to play just about any style of music. Go play pop music and earn more money, but educate yourself by learning the language of jazz.”