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Tim Lewis

Professor, Broadcast and Digital Journalism
Academic History:

M.A. Vermont College of Union Institute

About Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis is the man who brought “sweeps week” to LSC-TV News 7. Just as the Nielsen ratings gauge national television viewership, he recruits community volunteers to rate the overall quality of News 7 broadcasts twice each semester. The exercise gives Television Studies majors a bona fide taste of what they will experience as broadcast professionals.

“Television is a team sport,” he says. “It comes as a shock when students realize that one person’s mistake—technical or editorial—can affect the overall show, no matter how good the actual news gathering effort might have been. Not only does it impact viewer perception, but a single mistake takes its toll on the grade of every student involved in the broadcast.”

Professor Lewis’ background as a statehouse correspondent and producer/anchor for WCAX in Burlington prepared him to teach future television reporters. From him, students learn to get the news and “get it right.” Whether covering the New Hampshire presidential primary or doing a human interest piece during sugaring season, they realize quickly the importance of accuracy, clarity, and conciseness. “Journalism is a public service, and they learn to take it seriously.”


  • Journalism
  • Vermont Center for Community Journalism

Professor Lewis was a graduate of Lyndon Teachers College and is a proud advocate of Vermont, democracy and journalism’s role in that form of government. Professor Lewis feels grateful that he was able to work for two of the last family-owned terrestrial broadcasters who understood and underwrote the delivery of news and information to their communities.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!” – Hunter S. Thompson