Beginning July 2023, Northern Vermont University will be part of Vermont State University.


At Northern Vermont University, we ask one simple thing: Find your direction. And follow it.

Are you a curious person who’s interested in different careers? Or do you have a professional goal in mind but don’t know which major fits your plan? If you haven’t found your direction yet, don’t worry — NVU is all about discovery. Many NVU students haven’t decided on a major before they enroll. We’ll guide you toward a direction and path that fits your goals and help you reach your destination.

The explorations programs on our Johnson and Lyndon campuses will help you decide which major is best for you. You’ll work one-on-one with an advisor to set goals, plan your career, and finish your degree on time.


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Northern Vermont University will join with Castleton University and Vermont Technical College to become Vermont State University on July 1, 2023. Learn more and apply for fall 2023.

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North isn’t just a sense of place. It’s a sense of purpose.

At NVU-Johnson, the one-credit Explore and Connect class will help you discover options for a major. You’ll identify your strengths and interests and learn about our majors and how they lead to possible careers.

At NVU-Lyndon, first-year students and sophomores investigating majors and career options participate in our Explorations program. You’ll take classes in the arts, natural and social sciences, and other areas. This will strengthen your writing, reading, and math skills and expose you to guest speakers in various fields as you think about a major to pursue.

With our faculty and staff to mentor you and our focus on real-world experience, you’ll find the support and learn the hands-on skills you need to define and accomplish your goals.