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The Wilderness Leadership minor will introduce students to outdoor education philosophy, methods, and practices, with a focus on the core skills associated with planning and leading multi-day expeditions and backcountry trips. The required fall semester immersion experience involves extensive fieldwork – more than 20 days in the backcountry backpacking and canoe camping – along with medical training and potential certification as a Wilderness First Responder. This minor is available to students majoring in any discipline other than Adventure Education.


Required Courses

  • OEL 1000 – Introduction to Outdoor Education Credit(s): 3
  • OEL 1810 – Outdoor Education Practicum Credit(s): 3
  • OEL 2060 – Wilderness First Responder Credit(s): 3
  • OEL 2900 – Outdoor Expedition Credit(s): 1-4
  • OEL 3240 – Backcountry Leadership Credit(s): 3
  • OEL 3850 – Adventure Programming Credit(s): 4

Take a minimum of 1 credit of Skills courses (e.g. OEL 1121, Fundamentals of Rock Climbing).