Take your creative vision to the next level at NVU-Lyndon's digital storytelling camp.
July 8-14, 2018

This week-long camp for aspiring journalists, filmmakers, and other digital story tellers gives you a chance to work with faculty from Northern Vermont University-Lyndon’s award-winning electronic journalism arts program. 

Venture into media creation and get a first-hand look at the new storytelling landscape. Explore how to develop stories that are meaningful and creative through words, sound, photography, or the cinematic lens.

You can help fill the demand for trained professionals to get stories right and get them out fast.

Further your development with a degree in electronic journalism arts at NVU-Lyndon.

Experience the power of the NVU–Lyndon electronic journalism arts program. A degree from the EJA program — which has been rated a top-25 journalism program three years in a row — is the credential you need to make the new media world take notice of you.  

Study filmmaking, video editing, script writing, film analysis, and commercial production by enrolling in our new cinema production program. The interdisciplinary program draws on courses in theater, art history, and studio art, plus a strong foundation in the liberal arts to develop each student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Donna Smith