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‘Fagbug’ Visit Generates News Coverage

‘Fagbug’ Visit Generates News Coverage

Seven Days, WCAX cover how Erin Davies’ VW bug prompts conversations, raises awareness of hate crimes

April 16, 2015

The Vermont media covered a visit by Erin Davies and her “Fagbug,” which visited campus on April 16 as part of Johnson State’s Pride Week.

In a story titled “Erin Davies’ Artful Fagbug Crusade,” Seven Days profiles Davies.

Besides quoting Davies, writer Ethan De Siefe interviews theater senior Jacob Fourier, who discusses the JSC campus’ “really friendly and very open” attitudes and growing awareness regarding LGBT and gender-identity issues.

“We were a campus that was very cisgender [a term used to describe people whose gender identities match their birth gender], very white, very heteronormative,” Fourier tells Seven Days. “But just in the last two years, that has started changing. The number of open LGBT students has multiplied, and ethnic diversity has increased.”

WCAX’s lead story on April 16 also highlighted Davies’ visit. Read WCAX’s story online: “‘Fagbug’ rolls onto Vermont campus to raise awareness of hate crimes.”