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February 7, 2021: Safe Super Bowl Enjoyment – Please Do Not Cross Households

A Message from Dean of Students Jonathan Davis

Good afternoon, NVU Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Thank you so much for your continued attention to the safety precautions implemented by NVU. NVU is off to a healthy start of the spring semester and we must do everything we can to maintain that health.  You may or may not be planning to partake in the national holiday-like atmosphere that is the Super Bowl, but if you are, please do so virtually and not by gathering with anyone outside of your own household unless part of an approved campus activity with safety measures in place.

Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont Commissioner of Health, recently shared the following in regard to Super Bowl gatherings, which can also be accessed by clicking this link: Covid-19 Daily Update – Vermont Department of Health

Enjoy the Super Bowl, but Skip the Gatherings While the Super Bowl might seem like a more minor event than some of our recent holidays, “it has potential to truly damage the recent progress we’ve made — if we don’t celebrate safely,” Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD said Tuesday. If you’re watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, stick to your own household. Gathering with anyone you don’t live with increases the chances of spreading of COVID-19, especially if you’re indoors, close together and eating or drinking without masks, Dr. Levine said. The CDC has shared some tips, like hosting a virtual watch party or starting a group text for game commentary. You can make your own special game-day apps and snacks with people you live with, or order take-out food – and support your local restaurants. “Luckily, the Super Bowl is a TV event, so we can still root for our favorite team, debate which commercials are the best, and enjoy the halftime show all from the comfort our own homes — safely,” Dr. Levine said. “Remember, it was Halloween gatherings and parties that really drove our first big uptick in cases, a mere 3 months ago, and it hasn’t slowed down significantly yet. So consider following my and Dr. Fauci’s Super Bowl Sunday advice and just lay low — at least this time around.” 


Jonathan Davis
Dean of Students
Northern Vermont University