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Important Updates Regarding the Spring Semester

Important Updates Regarding the Spring Semester

Required Quarantine and Testing

Arrival Quarantine: A notable change to the  arrival quarantine policy for spring is the inclusion of all Vermont students in the requirement to quarantine ahead of arrival if moving back to the area to live on or off campus. Please review and follow state of Vermont quarantine requirements.

COVID-19 Testing: All campus-based NVU students, commuting and residential, will be tested on January 29 or 30 and on February 5 or 6 at no cost to the student. Students will be required to quarantine on campus or at their off-campus residence until the first negative result has been returned, which will take between 24-36 hours. Testing is completed through the Broad Institute testing program.

All students will be screened for temperature upon arrival. Testing will continue throughout the community with opportunities to test weekly. Additionally, surveillance testing will be conducted regularly via a random selection of faculty, staff, and students. Those identified will receive email instructions about where and when. Please send questions related to testing to Jonathan Davis.

Staggered Move-In: All campus-based NVU students will participate in a staggered check-in and testing program on January 29 or 30.

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Take the NVU Health Pledge

The NVU Health Pledge is a requirement of the state of Vermont. Please review and complete the pledge if you haven’t already done so.

Cross Household Visitation

One of the lessons learned statewide in 2020 was that small cross-household gatherings of friends and family were a major contributor to virus spread. The state of Vermont has asked all colleges and universities to limit household visitation. To that end, we have designated each residence hall complex (Ex. Governors North and South or Arnold and Bayley) or apartment (on or off campus) as a separate household. This means on-campus residents are prohibited from visiting off-campus households. No off-campus guests are allowed in any residential area at any time.

Daily Required Screenings 

All students and employees must complete the Daily Required Screenings at Students will complete this form 7 days a week. Employees will complete this form when they will be on campus.

Cleaning and Disinfecting at NVU

Custodial staff will clean and disinfect all common areas, classrooms, and restrooms at NVU daily. To provide an extra level of protection throughout our campuses, disinfectant products are available for additional disinfecting in classrooms, employee offices, and residence hall bathrooms. Learn about safely using these products at

Visitors to Campus

We are making an extraordinary effort to keep the NVU community as healthy and safe as possible. For this reason, visitors are not allowed on campus unless approved. As best we can, we’d like to consider our two beautiful hilltop campuses as giant community bubbles where we watch out for one another. To that end, all visitors must be approved before they will be allowed on campus. Make requests to the following deans and directors. Students in residence are not permitted to have guests from off campus in the residence halls.

  • Academic Affairs: Provost Nolan Atkins
  • Student Life: Dean of Students Jonathan Davis
  • Athletics: Associate Dean of Athletics Jamey Ventura
  • Other (Contractors, vendors, etc.): Director of Facilities Mike Stevens