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Johnson State Launches Three New Programs

Johnson State Launches Three New Programs

Students May Focus on Pre-Physical Therapy, Sport Management, and Health & Sport Psychology

April 8, 2014

Three new academic programs at Johnson State College will prepare undergraduate students for careers in health and sport psychology, sport management, and physical therapy and other allied health professions, including chiropractic and physician assistants.

“These programs will prepare students majoring in business and the health and behavioral sciences at JSC for further study and careers in professions where the employment outlook is extremely bright,” says JSC President Barbara E. Murphy, adding, “They are an outgrowth of our continual and ongoing efforts to enhance our academic offerings to make sure we are providing what students need in today’s changing market, as we are committed to our students’ graduating with the greatest value for their degree.”

The three programs are:

  • Health & Sport Psychology: This program incorporates coursework in psychology and the health sciences as well as an internship. Students will explore how psychology can be used to improve motivation and performance, how physical activity improves mental health and overall wellbeing, and how stress and other psychological factors affect health and wellness.

“Programs such as this are rarely available to undergraduates – and when they are, they’re offered at only a handful of major universities outside New England,” says Dr. Amy Welch, a professor in JSC’s Department of Health & Environmental Sciences, who designed the program with Dr. Gina Mireault of JSC’s Department of Behavioral Sciences.

  • Pre-Physical Therapy: Focused on the medical and health sciences, this program will prepare students for entry into doctor of physical therapy (DPT) and other allied health graduate programs, including those for physician assistants and chiropractors. In addition to a strong science curriculum, the program requires an internship or senior research experience.

Demand for physical therapists is expected to increase 36 percent over the next decade – much faster than the average for other occupations – as a result of the country’s aging population, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The profession requires physical therapists to hold a DPT, and the mean annual wage nationally is about $80,000.

  • Sport Management: This business program combines studies in sports, finance, management and leadership to provide a solid foundation for careers in the growing, $213 billion-a-year U.S. sports industry.

“This program recognizes the need for people with strong business skills in this industry,” says JSC Director of Athletics Jamie Ventura. “It recognizes that sport today is as much about marketing and management as it is about working with players and coordinating teams.”

Career opportunities range from managing professional teams and arenas to overseeing the marketing and finances of sports groups. This program requires 19 credits, including an internship, beyond the 38 credit hours required for the core business major.

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