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JSC Faculty & Students Chosen to Present Their Research Findings


JSC Faculty & Students Chosen to Present Their Research Findings

JSC faculty and students will share their work with peers at several professional conferences this spring.

January 20, 2015

Congratulations to our stellar faculty and student research teams! Students and faculty have been invited to present at the following professional meetings:

At the NORTHEAST REGIONAL MEETING OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA (March 23-25, Bretton Woods, NH): Professor Les Kanat and Norwich University faculty George Springston and Adam Sevi will present their research into complex earth slide-flows over the past 100 years in Jeffersonville, Vermont; and Professor Liz Dolci and students Heather Murphy, Shayna Bennett and Erika English will present their research of bacterial adaption in an anthropogenically altered, serpentine-rich aquatic environment.

At the EASTERN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION’s annual meeting (March 5-7, Philadephia): Professor Gina Mireault and student research assistants Kassandra Cousineau, Brady Rainville, Zarin Bandelier and Sarah Mottwill present a poster about Dr. Mireault’s ongoing infant humor research at JSC.

At the NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION (April 16-18, Spokane, Wash.): Student Eliza Chevalier (Liz Dolci and Healther Driscoll, faculty sponsors) will present her research into transcriptional patterns of saccharomyces cerevisiae exposed to simulated mine-tailings runoff, and students Heather Murphy and Shayna Bennett (Liz Dolci, faculty sponsor) will present their research on bacterial adaptation to an anthropogenically altered environment.