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JSC Finance and Investment Club Wins Virtual Market Competition

JSC Investment Club Takes Top Prize

December 13, 2011

The new JSC Finance and Investment Club won the recent “Vermont Showdown” Virtual Market Competition, beating out the University of Vermont and St. Michael’s College!

Competitors started with $100,000 in virtual funds and were able to trade on margin, with a minimum stock price of $2 and portfolios set to private. Commissions were $9.95/trade. When the game ended in early December, JSC had the highest net return of 27.6%. St. Michael’s College had 18.1% and UVM had 14.1%.

In addition to participating in the competition, the club held weekly meetings focused on such topics as saving for retirement, personal finances, investing techniques and mortgages.

Additionally, the group took a field trip to National Life Group/Sentinel Investments on Wednesday, Dec 14, where they had lunch with the treasurer of Sentinel Investments and others. It was a good networking opportunity for group members interested in interning at National Life.

The club advisor is Henrique Cezar. Active members include:

– Nik Holm (president)

– Jake Drake

– Emily Cloutier

– Clancy Collins

– Matt Malek

– Justin Reed

– Dan Aiken

– Liam Carballal

– Khrystine Bartoswicz

– Jameson Cooper