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JSC Receives Bronze Sculpture: “The Meditators”


Johnson State College Receives Bronze Sculpture: “The Meditators”

Gift of Korean-born Artist Won Lee (MFA JSC ’06): Creating Cross-Cultural Connections on JSC’s Campus

September 20, 2007

“To me, a sculpture is an event. Making a sculpture is a chain of events. Every stage of completing a piece is an encounter, prelinguistic, ungrounded, non-representational, immanent encounter.” – Won Lee, December 2006

Johnson State College welcomes the artwork of Won Lee to its campus. A reception and ceremony for this artwork are scheduled for Thursday, September 27, from 4 to 5 p.m. President Barbara E. Murphy has accepted this gift on behalf of the college and welcomes all members of the community to attend the reception to be held in Dewey Campus Center, main seating area.

Born in Korea and trained in the U.S. and Canada, Lee is an artist who merges several different cultures. Additionally, he continues to cross-pollinate cultures by traveling to Mexico, China, and Europe to explore different cultures and work in different foundries for their various casting capabilities.

“The Meditators” reflects the calm stillness of two figures sitting in quiet reverence for their environment. In his own words, Won Lee suggests that viewers “Feel the air while the sculpture figures meditate — viewing the serene mountain view.” In this way he suggests that all audiences simultaneously observe their own body, their own environment, and their own gifts as they reflect on these sculptures. As a bronze, the textures and details of this piece have been cast and installed in several locations. JSC is the most recent of them.

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