Lyndon Institute Students Can Now Earn an NVU Associate Degree Tuition Free

Northern Vermont University and Lyndon Institute Expand Successful Dual Enrollment Program to Offer Lyndon Learning Collaborative Students Associates Degrees

Northern Vermont University (NVU) and Lyndon Institute (LI) officials, as well as student program participants, joined together today to announce the innovative expansion of the successful early college program, the Lyndon Learning Collaborative. With this expansion, program graduates will now be able to graduate Lyndon Institute with an Associate Degree.

“The Lyndon Learning Collaborative is about making college more affordable and accessible for students,” said John Mills, President of NVU. “By completing this expanded program in high school, Vermont students will be able to graduate from high school, receive their Associate Degree, and save over $25,000.”

The Lyndon Learning Collaborative program was created in 2015 and has successfully saved over 80 Vermont students a year’s worth of college tuition. Classes are taught on the campus of Lyndon Institute by LI faculty who were designated NVU adjunct professors.

“LLC was a great opportunity for me,” said Emma Mann, LLC alumna, class of 2020. “I was able to get a full year of college for free which put me ahead compared to my peers. I am now finishing my junior year of college at NVU with no debt and already pursuing a career that has to do with my degree. Being able to get a jump start boosted my confidence academically and set me up for success in my degree. If you’re even thinking about it, I’d say go for it. It’s a great opportunity that will do nothing but help you towards the future you want.”

Through the expanded program, Lyndon Institute students can not only substantially lower the cost of college but by now taking two academic years of an approved NVU curriculum they can earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies degree.

“I am exceptionally excited to see the expansion of this program,” said Twila Perry, Lyndon Institute Head of School. “The cost savings to families and the opportunities it will provide students and their academic futures is significant. I would encourage anyone interested in this program, to reach out with questions.”

Participation is free of charge to students, and substantially lowers the cost of college.

“As a parent, I was able to witness the benefits of the program first-hand when my son joined his senior year,” said Dave Stahler, father to an LLC 2020 alum. “While he was already an accomplished student planning on attending the University of Vermont, the program gave him the opportunity to take multiple classes on NVU’s campus each semester, including classes in digital recording and music production with a Grammy Award-winning instructor, a field he was interested in possibly pursuing as a career. When he graduated in the spring, he was able to transfer all 26 credits he’d earned over to UVM, giving him nearly a full year of credits which he can now use to graduate early or take a reduced course load if he chooses to go the full four years.”

Participating students can continue to participate in high school activities, athletics, and clubs while taking a variety of courses from the college curriculum.

“The value for students who enroll in the LLC is multi-faceted,” said Adam Norwood, LLC Coordinator. “The financial benefits are significant, but so is the notion that this program shows many students that they are capable of being successful in college and that obtaining a college education is within their reach. Adding on a second year of the program that can lead to an actual college degree provides these students with a whole new level of opportunity.”