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Northern Vermont University Professor Pat Shine Named VSCS Faculty Fellow for 2021-2022

Lyndonville, Vt.— The Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Colleges System (VSCS) named Northern Vermont University Professor Pat Shine as a VSCS Faculty Fellow for 2021-2022. Co-chair of the department of Psychology and Human Services on the NVU Lyndon campus, Professor Shine’s fellowship will focus on social justice best practices as she works with the VSCS Social Justice Partners group “to lay a strong foundation for social justice that’s woven into the fabric of the VSCS,” Shine said.

“Social justice has been a passion my entire professional life,” Shine said. “The VSCS Social Justice Partners group provides a forum to address systemic issues across the state college system.”

Professor Shine’s work emphasizes challenging all forms of oppression (i.e., sexism, classism, heterosexism), as well as strengthening racial justice. “Social justice is an outcome and a process,” Shine said. “There’s a lot of focus on the outcomes, such as gender inclusivity and hiring practices. But what does social justice look like in practice and how can it be strengthened across the system so this work continues on through staffing changes that occur over time?”

“I have no doubt that Professor Shine will excel as a VSCS Faculty Fellow working with the VSCS Social Justice Partners group,” said Northern Vermont University President Elaine C. Collins. “Professor Shine has clearly demonstrated her long-standing passion and commitment to this critically important work at NVU and for the Vermont State Colleges System.” 

The VSCS Social Justice Partners group is already at work, and representatives attended VSCS Board of Trustees meetings in fall 2020 to share reports about the social justice efforts in process on individual campuses. The group has also made recommendations to the Board about how this work could be supported and sustained system-wide.