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NVU Announces President’s Cup Challenge

Northern Vermont University has announced the establishment of the President’s Cup Challenge. The Challenge will formalize the rivalry between NVU’s two campuses and athletic programs. The Lyndon Hornets and the Johnson Badgers will compete over each academic year, with the annual winner of the series being awarded the President’s Cup. The winning campus will retain possession of the cup throughout the following year. In case of a tie, the campus in possession of the Cup will retain for another year.

Lyndon and Johnson compete head to head in thirteen sports – men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s softball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track and field, and women’s volleyball. In each of these sports, the campus who wins the season series will earn a point towards the Cup. North Atlantic Conference contests, non-conference contests, and post-season match ups will all count towards the series outcome. If the two campuses should split their season series, then each campus will earn a half point. In cross country and track and field, the campus that finishes higher in the NAC championship meet will earn a point.

In addition, sports that are only offered on one campus will have an opportunity to earn one point for men’s sports and one point for women’s sports by comparing their season performances. Lyndon women’s lacrosse will match up against Johnson women’s triathlon. Lyndon men’s baseball will match up against a composite of Johnson men’s golf and men’s volleyball. Whichever team has the higher percentage finish in its conference standings (lacrosse, baseball, golf), NCAA meet (triathlon), or overall winning percentage (men’s volleyball) will earn a point for their campus.

NVU President Dr. Elaine Collins had these remarks about the Cup: “The NVU President’s Cup Challenge gives us a chance to show our pride in our campus-based athletics teams while building a strong and festive university spirit. As the Johnson Badgers and the Lyndon Hornets compete for the coveted prize, all of NVU can celebrate what Division III athletics brings to the college experience — excellence in competition, school spirit, and a meaningful collegiate experience.”

NVU Associate Dean of Athletics Jamey Ventura added, “I love that the athletic departments on the Johnson and Lyndon campuses worked together to create this President’s Cup Challenge. I believe this Challenge will elevate the rivalry between the two campuses in a friendly manner that will allow each varsity program and their respective campuses to display their Badger/Hornet competitiveness and pride.”

For 2018-19, the Hornets and Badgers are scheduled to compete head to head as follows:

9/3 – women’s volleyball at Southern Vermont Tournament

9/8 – women’s tennis at Johnson

9/11 – women’s tennis at Lyndon

9/12 – women’s volleyball at Lyndon

9/24 – women’s volleyball at Johnson

9/30 – women’s volleyball at Lyndon

10/3 – men’s and women’s soccer at Lyndon

10/27 – women’s volleyball at SUNY Canton

10/28 – men’s and women’s cross country at NAC Championships

1/19 – men’s and women’s basketball at Johnson

2/12 – men’s and women’s basketball at Lyndon

4/6 – women’s softball at Lyndon (doubleheader)

4/17 – men’s tennis at Lyndon

4/20 – men’s tennis at Johnson

4/23 – women’s softball at Johnson (doubleheader)

4/23 – men’s lacrosse at Lyndon

4/28 – men’s and women’s track and field at NAC Championships

The Cup will be publicly presented to the winner at the conclusion of the academic and athletic year.

Hornets and Badgers fans will be able to follow the Challenge online here!