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NVU-Lyndon to Host Basic Haitian Rhythms & Dance Workshop and Concert

Northern Vermont University Welcomes Lakou Mizik to Host Their Basic Haitian Rhythms and Dance Workshop and Perform a Concert at the NVU-Lyndon Campus

What: Basic Haitian Rhythms & Dance is an interactive workshop that can be tailored to all ages and experience levels. Led by Sanba Zao a legend of Haitian vodou music and a professor at the Haitian National School of Art, this workshop first introduces participants to the role music and dance play in Haitian lives and its importance as a source of pride and identity. Using the drums available as well as a large selection of percussion instruments Sanba Zao will teach students a few basic Haitian rhythms while the rest of the band supports. Building on the rhythms Lakou Mizik will help the participants learn a basic choral chant in Kreyol. The dance section of the workshop is led by Nadine Remy who teaches a few basic dances to accompany the song so that by the end of the course all participants will be playing, singing and dancing while learning the important role music plays in Haitian life.

Who: Lakou Mizik is a powerhouse collective of Haitian musicians united in a mission to use the healing spirit of music to communicate a message of pride, strength and hope for their country.  Lakou Mizik has stunned audiences with their unimaginably high energy shows that bring together elements of Haitian traditional music of spiritual Vodou, street parade Rara and the beach friendly Troubadour folks music with elements of dancehall, funk and rock-n-roll. This is the sound of modern Haiti – a country steeped in music with a deep pride in its cultural traditions but also an island totally influenced by its proximity to the US, Jamaica and Cuba. All together it’s a vibrant, harmonious sound and Lakou Mizik’s joyous energy makes for an irresistible show.

Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 11:30 a.m., Alexander Twilight Theatre
Concert: Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 8 p.m., Alexander Twilight Theatre. Purchase concert tickets at Catamount Arts at