NVU Pride Progress Flag Vandalized

A Message from Interim President John W. Mills

Dear NVU Students, Faculty, and Staff,

It came to my attention today that the Pride Progress Flag raised on the Lyndon campus on Friday was stolen and the flagpole removed through an act of vandalism. This has been reported to the Vermont State Police. With their assistance, we hope to identify those individuals involved.

The Progress Flag was raised with immense pride on Friday with support seen throughout our community on social media. By this morning, it had been removed and the flagpole was down. Northern Vermont University will take all necessary measures to ensure that the perpetrators are identified and charged and that a new flag is put up. Anyone with information about this incident should contact Public Safety at 802.626.6452 or file a report at https://vermontstatecolleges.formstack.com/forms/public_safety_incident_report .

NVU is a place of inclusivity. We stand as a place of justice. A place where all people are valued. We stand as a place where all are welcome. An act like this is an act against justice, and justice will prevail. Stay tuned for the second raising event that we invite all to attend.

Stand with me as we stand  for justice and equity for all students, faculty, and staff. Stand with me today. Stand for these basic principles always.