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NVU Student Co-Authored a Memoir with his Father Titled Without Restraint: How Skiing Saved My Son’s Life.

Ryan Delena ’24, an Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Tourism major, co-authored a memoir with his father titled Without Restraint: How Skiing Saved My Son’s Life. Readers have described it as powerful, moving, and inspirational. “I’m happy it resonates with people,” Delena said. “It’s great that people feel like they can relate to it and see that challenges can turn out for somebody in a positive way.”

“I’m somebody who likes to challenge myself and explore and see new things and that’s a big reason why I came to NVU,” Delena explained. Studying in the OELT program has helped him transition from a recreational skier to a professional. “I’ve learned a lot about trip planning, emergency response planning, and how to lead groups and look out for other people,” he said. He has also learned about himself. “Before NVU I thought I was just a bad student but after studying all the different learning styles I know I’m just a kinesthetic learner,” he said. “Writing the book and learning why outdoor activity makes us better people has been really enlightening.”

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