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Programs Added in Psychology and Human Services, Music Business, Video Production, Educational Technology, and Liberal Studies

Programs Added in Psychology and Human Services, Music Business, Video Production, Educational Technology, and Liberal Studies


March 19, 2013

Lyndon State College has announced the addition of seven new degree programs to the curriculum. The college will now offer a B.S. degree in Applied Psychology and Human Services; the burgeoning Music and Business Industry (M.B.I.) program is adding three associates degrees; and a Cinema/Video Production degree will greatly enhance the Visual Arts department’s offerings. Two new graduate programs are scheduled – one in Educational Technology and one in Liberal Studies. Courses in the Educational Technology program will start this summer, the other programs will begin in the fall 2013 semester.

The Bachelor of Sciences in Applied Psychology and Human Services has streamlined degree requirements while expanding pre-professional choices for students. The degree requires completion of seven core courses. Twelve additional upper-level credits are taken in one of the following options, depending on the individual student’s focus and interest: generalist, graduate school, child and adolescent development, community mental health or substance abuse, and elder populations.

The music industry is flourishing and in need of well-trained professionals. To provide options for students seeking these careers, the M.B.I. program has added three new two-year programs. These degrees, which focus primarily on professional study and career preparation, are Audio Production, Music and Self-Promotion, and Music Industry Management. They operate as both a stand-alone degree option for students interested in a two-year program, or as a way to augment a number of four-year programs. For example, a student could bolster their résumé by combining an Associate’s degree in Audio Production with a four-year Journalism degree.

The Audio Production program is aimed at students interested in recording technologies and live sound production. Graduates will be qualified to work as sound engineering technicians, audio and video equipment technicians, broadcast technicians, or technical directors or managers. They could work with electronic equipment for concerts, sporting events, theater productions, recording studios, movie and video productions, conventions, presentations, and news conferences.

The Associate of Science in Music and Self-Promotion provides students with management and marketing training to promote their own careers as performers or recording artists. Although this program includes some music training, it does not focus on music performance and theory courses. The program is for all entertainers and performers interested in charting and controlling their own career in music, singing, composing, or arranging.

The program in Music Industry Management is for students interested in artist, event, or venue management. This program is for anyone seeking a career as a meeting, convention or event planner, or as an agent or business manager of an artist, performer or athlete.

The Department of Visual Arts will offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema/Video Production. This interdisciplinary program combines a core of humanities-based film studies courses with video production courses. Additional courses are drawn from a broad cross-section of liberal arts and pre-professional disciplines. The program equips graduates to succeed as industry professionals and obtain full-time and contract-based employment supporting independent filmmaking, advertising, corporate communications, and local television programming. Graduates will be well-versed in digital filmmaking, including an understanding of the filmmaking process through pre-production, production, and post-production phases.

The need for qualified educational technology specialists will continue to grow as the scope of technology advances in every aspect of modern life. In response, LSC is adding a concentration to the Masters of Education program in the field of Educational Technology. The program will prepare educators to teach with technology and prepare instructional designers for all levels of education. This includes librarians, curriculum specialists, and media and technical support staff. The program can also help train personnel development specialists for business and industry. Many of the courses will be offered online or as hybrids. Graduates will be qualified for careers in higher education, government, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

The Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies provides graduates with a solid multidisciplinary education in humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, math, and the arts. Students are trained to communicate effectively and hone their skills as ethical, critical thinkers and problem solvers. The flexible design allows each student to create a program to suit their individual needs whether in a single content area or in inter- or multi-disciplinary studies. Graduates will pursue careers in education, business, government, or any number of professional fields.

More information about these programs can be found on the college’s website at, or by contacting the Admissions Office at 802 626-6413.