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Reminder: Student Vaccination Requirement and Path to Compliance

August 10, 2021

NVU Students:

Northern Vermont University now requires COVID-19 vaccination for all students enrolled accessing a physical campus for any reason during the 2021-2022 Academic Year. To be in full compliance a student must complete one of the following options before 8:00 am on August 23, 2021:

1.    Submit a copy of their completed COVID19 vaccination (link below) record, OR
2.    Submit a request for exemption (link below), OR
3.    Submit a copy of their vaccination record confirming the first COVID19 vaccine was administered prior to August 23, 2021, indicate the scheduled date of the second shot (if applicable) and their agreement to  complete the full vaccine protocol.

NVU Proof of Vaccination:

The goal is to maximize the number of vaccinated individuals for the safety of the entire NVU community. Failure to be in compliance by August 23, 2021 will jeopardize the student’s ability to be present on campus for any reason. Requests for medical and religious exemptions will be considered in accordance with Vermont law.

More information on vaccine availability:

•    /about/nvu/nvu-during-covid-19

Jonathan Davis
Dean of Students