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Safe Return to NVU: Spring Classes Update

NOTE: The information below is archived from our spring 2021 return to NVU COVID-19 plan. For updated summer information, click here.

A message from Provost Nolan Atkins

Greetings NVU students,

As you may be aware, faculty will be offering classes using a variety of instructional methods this spring. Here are some of the instructional codes we are using to identify sections. These codes will be helpful as you review your spring schedule and the modes of delivery for the courses you are taking.

Lecture (LEC) – lecture-based course that meets face-to-face at the published days/times

Online (ONL) – a course taught asynchronously and entirely online.

Hybrid (HYB) – a course taught both in the classroom and also asynchronously online.

Remote (RMT) – a course that meets at the published days/times but virtually through Zoom (or equivalent video conferencing platform)

Synchronous (SYN) –  a face-to-face course that also allows students to connect synchronously and virtually through Zoom.

An important note: we are coding sections as HYB that meet virtually through Zoom during some of the class meeting times with the remainder of instruction delivered online.  We will indicate in the notes when these sections will meet virtually through Zoom rather than face-to-face.

If you need to make changes to your schedule, please reach out to your advisor. In addition to locating classes on Self Service, you can find a .pdf version of our spring schedule on the NVU website. Updates to this schedule will be posted shortly.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are looking forward to seeing you back in class!