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Seven Days Reviews David Cavanagh’s Book of Poetry

Seven Days Reviews David Cavanagh’s Book of Poetry

‘Straddle’ called ‘agile, quietly intelligent and steadily pleasurable’

October 5, 2015

Seven Days recently reviewed David Cavanagh’s newest book of poetry, Straddle. Cavanagh, an advisor and faculty member with Johnson State College’s External Degree Program who retired as the program’s co-director in 2014, has published four books of poetry, including this most recent book released by Salmon Poetry in Ireland.

Reviewer Jim Schley calls Straddle “agile, quietly intelligent and steadily pleasurable.”

“Cavanagh’s poetic territory is juxtapositions and combinations: young and old, woman and man, to and fro, one and all,” the reviewer notes. “He’s a dual citizen of Canada and the United States – “Canuck … Yankee,” as he says in the poem ‘Can-Am.’ He’s dual in his artistic temperament as well, incorporating French and English phrases. …”