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Spring Semester Cross-Household Visitation & Travel – Please Read

A Message from Dean of Students Jonathan Davis

NVU Students:

One of the lessons learned statewide in 2020 was that small cross-household gatherings of friends and family were a major contributor to virus spread. To slow the spread of Covid-19 in Vermont, per the order of Vermont Governor Scott, you may not gather with anyone you do not live with.

We have designated each residence hall complex (e.g.: Governors North/ South or Arnold/Bayley) or off campus apartment as a separate household. This means that:

  • Students can visit only with students who live in the same residence hall.
  • Students who live in another residence hall cannot visit you in your residence hall and vice versa.
  • This also means on-campus residents are prohibited from visiting off-campus households, including the on-campus apartments. No off-campus guests are allowed in any residential area at any time.

NVU is asking students not to travel to an alternate residence within Vermont during the semester unless for an essential purpose as defined by the State of Vermont (see link below). If you do have an essential purpose for travel to an alternate residence within Vermont, please reach out using the contact form at the NVU Covid-19 webpage so that we can discuss precautions with you. Cross-state travel is absolutely prohibited without expressed written consent from Dean of Students Jonathan Davis.

This change in Covid-19 state policy does not mean that you cannot have contact with friends and classmates. We want you to enjoy your student and residence life interactions such as dining, going to class, and studying with others. Dining operations, library operations, in-person classes, NCAA affiliated athletics, and institutional activities have built in state-required safeguards that limit contact and/or may have additional testing associated with them. The household visitation restrictions are in place to ensure that none of us make assumptions about the safety of any individual we might be in contact with.

Please acquaint yourself with the information and resources at these links:

We cannot wait for you to join us on campus. Travel safely and we will see you soon! Welcome home to NVU.

#MaskUpNVU—We All Have a Part to Play

Jonathan Davis
Dean of Students
Northern Vermont University

CC: NVU Faculty and Staff