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Students Receive Degrees at JSC’s 148th Commencement

Students Receive Degrees at JSC’s 148th Commencement

390 undergraduate and graduate students honored on May 16

May 18, 2015

The following 390 students received their associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees as part of Johnson State College’s 148th Commencement exercises on Saturday, May 16.

Below are students from Vermont, followed by students from out of state.

Vermont students receiving degrees (by hometown):

Alburg: Eliza Chevalier, B.S. in pre-medical biology; Amber Fitzgerald, B.A. in English with teaching endorsement

Arlington: Matthew Bentley, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Elijah English, B.A. in professional studies

Bakersfield: Daniel Hill, B.S. in. pre-medical biology

Barre: Jennifer Leedy, M.A. in education; Reina Dean, B.A. in professional studies; Andrea Deuso, B.A. in psychology; Sonya Fuller, B.A. in psychology; Andria Kozma, B.A. in psychology; Angela Leclerc, B.A. in professional studies; Santina Stone, B.A. in psychology; Sarah Suscinski, M.A. in education; Kasey Warner, B.A. in professional studies

Barton: Joshua Hunt, B.S. in. biology

Bellows Falls: Sarah Choquette, B.A. in professional studies; Marcella Fazzolare, B.A. in professional studies

Belmont: Gabrielle Macklin, B.A. in business; Collette Paro, B.A. in psychology

Belvidere: Terrie Look, M.A. in education

Bennington: William Lamb, B.A. in professional studies; Michele Moretti, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Sarah Stratton, B.A. in professional studies; Gabrielle Tatro, B.A. in psychology Benson: Henry Clark, B.A. in music

Bethel: Virginia Giles, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Christopher Kerr-Ayer, B.F.A. in studio arts

Brandon: Amanda Berry, B.A. in professional studies

Brattleboro: Rhianna Kendrick, B.A. in psychology; Jeffrey Ketcham, B.S. in. wellness & alternative medicine

Bridport: Kristen Brisee, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Brownington: Cameron Davis, B.A. in business; Lynn Royer, B.A. in professional studies

Burlington: Robin Bosse, B.A. in professional studies; Narelle Chartier, B.A. in business; Andrew Cross, B.A. in music; William Davenport, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Shelby Davis, B.A. in biology; Timothy Hammond, B.A. in professional studies; Courtney Johnson, M.A. in education; Harry Knowles, B.A. in psychology; Michael Labombard, B.A. in psychology; Cara Moorby, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Kyle Reardon, M.A. in special education; Brittany Robertson, B.A. in art; Ericka Salter, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Michael Schmidt, M.A. in education; Sandra Sonntag-Alvarez, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Cory Youlden, B.A. in business; Cory Youlden, certificate in small business management; Jasmine Ziter, B.A. in anthropology & sociology; Alma Zjakic, B.A. in business

Cabot: Andrew Adams, B.A. in psychology

Cambridge: Mallory Corse, B.A. in hospitality & tourism management; Dalton Gomez, B.S. in. integrated environmental science with teaching endorsement; Dakotah Senesac, B.A. in theater & drama

Castleton: Althea Batease, B.A. in professional studies; Lindsay Brown, B.A. in communications & community media

Colchester: Amela Graco, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Kirsten Rand, B.A. in psychology; Sheena Rice, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Thomas Sumner, B.A. in history with teaching endorsement; Deborah Villemaire, B.A. in professional studies; Sean Whitney, B.A. in professional studies

Craftsbury Common: Matthew Renaud, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Derby: Samantha Christoni, B.A. in political science; Kassidee Griffith, B.A. in history; Teresa Nelson, B.A. in professional studies; Betsy Willard, B.A. in childhood education

Derby Line: Rachel Johnson, B.A. in childhood education

Dummerston: Shelby DavisLane, B.A. in anthropology & sociology East Calais: Rose Lazu, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling East Corinth: Amelia deNagy, B.A. in political science; Sarah Mott, B.A. in psychology

East Dummerston: Stephanie Walton, B.A. in psychology

East Fairfield: Mary Fargen, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

East Wallingford: Erin Coote, B.A. in psychology

Eden Mills: Lance Caron, B.F.A. in media arts; Bonnie Root, B.A. in business

Eden: Victoria Greenia, B.A. in communications & community media; Autumn O’Neil, B.A. in psychology

Enosburg Falls: Brandi Christensen, M.A. in special education; Ashley Cormier, B.A. in psychology; Tyler Hull, B.A. in political science; Alyson Leach, B.A. in psychology; Michelle Lombard, B.A. in professional studies; Claudia Woodward, M.A. in education Enosburg: Per Engstrom, B.A. in biology; Maria Gleason, B.A. in business management; Carrie Hatch, M.A. in education; Antoinette Lockerby, B.A. in professional studies; Antoinetter Lockerby, certificate in small business management; Samantha Pothier, B.S. in. health sciences

Essex Junction: Erin Chastenay, B.A. in psychology; Amy Poulin, B.A. in childhood education; Brigham Tosi, B.A. in professional studies

Essex: Jonathan Delisle, B.A. in business; Ariel Goodman, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Brenda Narucki, B.A. in professional studies

Fair Haven: Jason Duby, B.A. in professional studies

Fairfax: Brittany Gazaille, B.A. in psychology; Matthew Patenaude, B.S. in integrated environmental science; Katie Vezina, B.A. in professional studies

Fairfield: Heather Getty, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Alissa Berry, B.A. in psychology; Lindsay McSweeney, B.A. in psychology

Fairlee: Sarah Rinehimer, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies

Franklin: Christina Hogle, B.A. in psychology

Georgia: Matthew Bean, B.A. in history with teaching endorsement

Glover: Robert Bousquet III, B.A. in business; Samantha Cochran, B.A. in psychology

Goshen: Cassandra Hayes, B.A. in professional studies

Grand Isle: Jennifer Kosa, B.A. in business; Taylor Troville, B.A. in psychology

Graniteville: Lindsay Crawford, B.A. in professional studies; Collin Lee, B.A. in history; Mark Reaves, B.A. in professional studies; Dana Seidler, M.A. in education

Groton: Ira Musty, B.F.A. in studio arts

Hardwick: Christopher Berry, B.F.A. in creative writing; Claire Berry, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Sabin Densmore, M.A. in education

Holland: John Wagner, B.A. in professional studies

Huntington: Kaitlin Schifilliti, B.A. in psychology

Hyde Park: Casey Dewey, B.A. in psychology; Derek Hasler, B.F.A. in creative writing; Perrin Teague, B.A. in history

Jackson: Christopher Eichelberger, B.A. in professional studies

Jeffersonville: Donald Eaton, B.A. in communications & community media; Kemper Gottshall, B.A. in psychology; Jessica Lane, B.A. in professional studies; Alice Larned, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Sarah Leclair, B.A. in English with teaching endorsement; Anne Morey, M.A. in education; Amanda Snyder, B.A. in psychology; Kristina Ste Marie, B.A. in psychology

Jericho: Renee Lizotte, B.A. in professional studies; Amy Otis-Lange, M.A. in science education

Johnson: Sarah Ahlstrand, B.S. in. pre-medical biology; Mesa Aupperlee, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Ryan Belen, B.A. in hospitality & tourism management; Thomas Brace, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Jeffrey Capen, B.A. in professional studies; Ashley Clinger, B.A. in English; Elizabeth Conard, B.F.A. in creative writing with teaching endorsement; Kassandra Cousineau, B.A. in English; Christopher Deery, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Jacob Fournier, B.A. in theater & drama; Tammy Goss, B.A. in professional studies; Terence Jones, B.A. in business; Shelby Maurice, B.A. in psychology; Christal McCormack, B.S. in. wellness & alternative medicine; Allison O’Hara, M.A. in guidance counseling; Nicholas Pepe, A.A. in technical theater; Nicholas Pepe, B.A. in professional studies; Justin Philie, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Codie Salvador, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Mercedes Stengel, B.A. in political science; Elizabeth Taylor, B.A. in professional studies; Aryk Tomlinson, B.A. in business; Vanessa Tourangeau, B.A. in psychology; Amanda White, B.A. in psychology; Jasmine Yuris, B.A. in English

Lowell: Hannah Heinchon, B.A. in psychology

Lyndonville: Rebecca Hubbard, M.A. in education; Jessica Lefaivre, B.F.A. in studio arts

Maidstone: Tanner Nibley, B.A. in outdoor education

Milton: Cory Chase, B.S. in. health sciences; Nicole Coulombe, B.A. in art; Jeni Demar, B.S. in. health sciences; Amy Farnham, B.A. in psychology; Melinda Gary, B.A. in professional studies; Melody George, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Felicia King, B.A. in childhood education; Andrew Menard, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Leah Neira, B.A. in business; Trista Roussin, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Bethany True, B.A. in childhood education; Marian Van Pelt, B.A. in professional studies

Montgomery Center: Amber Harvey, B.A. in art; Todd Lantery, B.S. in. integrated environmental science

Montgomery: Alexander Kolva, B.A. in art; Cody Pelletier, B.A. in outdoor education

Montpelier: Katie Burkholder, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Jasmine Carpenter, B.A. in theater & drama; Samira Drljacic, B.A. in hospitality & tourism management; Christopher Heine, B.A. in professional studies; Emer McKenna, B.A. in professional studies; Kemal Onor, B.F.A. in creative writing; Ceylan Onor, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Nicole Racicot, M.A. in special education; Pamela Remick, B.A. in professional studies; Jeremy Tretiak, M.A. in education; Michael-Richard Watkins, A. inA. in technical theater; Tristram Weckerle, B.A. in professional studies

Moretown: Kara Lynch, B.A. in hospitality & tourism management; Patti Reagan, B.A. in psychology

Morrisville: Julia Beauregard, B.A. in business; Sonja Bracey, B.A. in psychology; Lauren DeBarge, B.A. in psychology; Michael Dolan, B.A. in art; Joseph Grzyb, B.S. in. environmental science; Kayla Henry, B.S. in. environmental science; Noi Jones, B.A. in business; Carrie Koniuto, B.A. in professional studies; Kristi McAllister, B.A. in professional studies; Amber McCullock, B.A. in anthropology & sociology; Samantha Paine, B.A. in psychology; Tia-Marie Provoncha Tallman, B.A. in psychology; Jennifer Stein, B.A. in business

Newark: Nicole Morton, B.A. in business

Newbury: Brynn Cole, B.A. in professional studies

Newfane: Patrick Greenleaf, B.A. in business

Newport Center: Tia Drake, B.A. in business

Newport: Ellyn Messier, B.A. in childhood education; Christopher Vachon, B.A. in childhood education

North Bennington: Erin Shulman, B.A. in psychology

North Clarendon: Gloria Brady, B.A. in business; Madeline Pritchard, B.A. in art with teaching endorsement

North Hero: Gina Kenyon, B.S. in. health sciences

North Middlesex: Benjamin Morton, B.A. in professional studies

Northfield: Melanie Smit, B.A. in professional studies

Norwich: Karen Sinclair, B.A. in professional studies

Poultney: Saundra McIntyre, B.A. in psychology

Proctor: Carrie Dougherty, B.A. in professional studies; SallyAnn Majoya, B.S. in. wellness & alternative medicine

Randolph: April Ketchum, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Richford: Alana Clark, B.A. in psychology; Michael Taylor, B.A. in political science; Juliana Turcotte, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies Richmond: Natalia Livak, M.A. in guidance counseling; Kimberly Palermo, B.A. in psychology; Alison Schwamkrug, B.S. in. mathematics

Roxbury: Layla Parrotte, B.A. in psychology

Rutland: Corissa Burnell, B.A. in psychology; Rajesh Harchind, B.A. in business; Kelly Hawkins, B.A. in psychology; Christina Houston, B.A. in business; Candy Jones, B.A. in professional studies; Scott Sawyer, B.A. in professional studies; Michelle Senecal, B.A. in professional studies; Kimberly Wortman, B.A. in psychology

Sandgate: Michael Mazzola, B.A. in elementary education

Shaftsbury: Hanna Woodard, B.A. in psychology

Sharon: Abbey Goodrich, B.A. in art with teaching endorsement

Shelburne: Diane Bertelsen, B.A. in psychology; Lele Genovesio-Niper, B.A. in art; Andrew Hogan, B.A. in professional studies; Tara Lombardi, B.A. in psychology

Sheldon: Nicholas Norris, B.A. in professional studies

South Burlington: Adam Cross, B.A. in anthropology & sociology; Allison Eaton, M.A. in education; Curtis Kelley, B.A. in business; Mary Langevin, M.A. in guidance counseling; Courtney Lanza, M.A. in special education; Josef Lavanway, B.S. in. wellness & alternative medicine; Tracie Pandolfi, B.A. in professional studies

South Hero: April Wright, M.A. in education

Springfield: Thomas Benton, B.A. in journalism; Miranda Bogardus, B.A. in professional studies; Diane Drake, B.A. in professional studies; Katrina Guaraldi, B.A. in business; Katrina Guaraldi, certificate in small business management; Sara Paton, B.A. in interdisciplinary studies

St. Albans: Jennifer Beams, B.A. in childhood education; Nicholas Brosseau, B.A. in political science; Ashley Cosgrove, M.A. in education; Jessica Dutkiewicz, B.A. in professional studies; Becky Ingerson, B.A. in professional studies; Joshua King, B.S. in. health sciences; Matthew Labounty, B.A. in business; Shane Levine, M.A. in education; Patrick Magnant, B.S. in. health sciences

St. Johnsbury: Jamie Graves, B.A. in psychology; Casey Hockman, B.A. in outdoor education; Trevor Jewett, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling; Anne Knights, B.A. in professional studies; Melissa Mattei, B.S. in. environmental science; Lisa McCrae, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Starksboro: Jaime Deacon, M.A. in education; Samantha Flint, M.A. in education; David Thompson, M.A. in education

Stowe: Aleicia Beagan, B.S. in. health sciences (pre-physical therapy); Jennifer Macdonald, M.A. in education; Alexandra Ottas, B.F.A. in studio arts; Brittany Rogers, M.A. in education; Ted Thorndike, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Strafford: Erika McCormick, B.F.A. in studio arts

Swanton: Heather Bellrose, B.A. in childhood education; Martha Commins, B.A. in psychology; Rose Johnson, B.A. in psychology; Courtney Newton, B.A. in psychology

Thetford Center: Barbara MacKinnon, B.A. in psychology; Maya Newton, B.A. in history

Topsham: Ehren Turner, A. S. in. business management, B.A. in professional studies

Underhill: Sarah Bacon, M.A. in special education; Christina Clark, B.A. in childhood education; Mary Hill, B.A. in art; Sabrina Leonard, B.A. in art; Courtney Newman, B.S. in. health sciences

West Dover: Daniel Childs, B.A. in business; Sara Koelsch, B.A. in psychology

West Burke: Lorraine Strang, B.A. in psychology

West Danville: Matthew Farnham, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

West Haven: Christopher Hoyt, B.A. in professional studies

West Topsham: Heidi Otterman-Wilds, M.A. in education

Waitsfield: Tom Chamberlain, B.S. in. mathematics

Washington: Jessica Riley, M.A. in education; Anna Strong, B.A. in professional studies

Waterbury Center: Georgia Cummings, A.A. in general stuides; Lindsay Hack, B.A. in childhood education; Holly Shephard, B.A. in psychology

Waterbury: Zarin Bandelier, B.A. in psychology; Ashley Fay, B.A. in childhood education; Lindsay Haley, B.A. in psychology; Pamela Lowe, M.A. in education; Casey Magee, B.A. in business; Brian Wagner, M.A. in science education

Waterford: Dylan Rutledge, B.S. in. environmental science

Waterville: Danika Barry, B.A. in business; Alan Bickings, B.A. in political science; Jacob Koonz, B.A. in history; Pamela McKenna, A.S. in business management; Pamela McKenna, B.A. in business; Laura Walker, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Websterville: Hannah Carpenter, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Westfield: Adam Damon, M.A. in education; Dianne Laplante, B.A. in professional studies; Katherine Murphy, B.A. in art

Westford: Paula Thompson, M.A. in special education

Whitingham: Amanda Bolduc, B.A. in English with teaching endorsement

Williston: Emily Joan Himberg, B.A. in professional studies; Jessica Antonioli, B.A. in professional studies; Heather Detch, B.A. in childhood education; Rebecca Goulet, B.A. in business; Cheri Keith, M.A. in education; Maxwell McKenzie, B.A. in psychology

Windsor: Sarah Malick, M.A. in clinical mental health counseling

Winooski: Stephen Eddy, B.A. in professional studies; Kara Lafond, B.A. in professional studies; Joanne Moore, B.A. in professional studies

Wolcott: Nicholas Jenne, B.S. in. health sciences; Julie Magoon, M.A. in education; Bradly Parker, M.A. in education; Richard Speer, B.A. in liberal studies

Woodbury: Danielle Slayton, B.A. in childhood education

Woodstock: Kristy McDonnell, B.A. in art

Out-of-state students receiving degrees (by state):

California: Daniel Allen (Los Angeles), B.A. in business

Connecticut: Michael Brokowski (Stamford), A.A. in technical theater; Nash Garceau (North Haven), B.A. in hospitality and tourism management; Kailie Gulino (Farmington), B.A. in anthropology and sociology; Keegan Hanlon (North Haven), B.S. in health sciences; Miranda Ingram (Suffield), B.F.A. in creative writing and certificate in small business management; Meghan McCormack (Hartford), B.A. in music; Hilary Moody (Vernon), B.A. in psychology; Jane Powers (Tolland), B.A. in psychology; Hannah Stanyon (Canaan), B.S. in health sciences; Caitlyn Sutherland (Somers), B.S. in environmental science; Jessica Warren (Clinton), B.F.A. in media arts

Delaware: Leah Van Rees (Milton), M.A. in education

Florida: Alexander Bookless (Cape Coral), B.A. in hospitality and tourism management

Georgia: Rebecca Johnson (Flowery Branch), B.A. in professional studies

Hawaii: Shannon Hill (Ewa Beach), M.A. in education

Massachusetts: Spencer Alton (West Newton), B.F.A. in studio arts; Brennan Blair (Worcester), B.A. in political science; Danielle Godjikian (Billerica), B.A. in mathematics; Jonathan Howard (Attleboro), B.A. in creative writing; Alexander Kennedy (Hadley), B.A. in professional studies; Adrienne Lafleche (Sturbridge), B.A. in hospitality and tourism management; John McDermott (Arlington), B.F.A. in creative writing; Patrick McGinn (Andover), B.A. in interdisciplinary studies; Haven Pierce (Natick), B.F.A. in creative writing; Ashley Ripolone (Agawam), B.A. in anthropology and sociology; Benjamin Spound (Florence), B.A. in music

Maine: Caitlin Boggs (Warren), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine; Brandon Caron (Tenants Harbor), B.A. in outdoor education; Joshua Conway (Lincolnville), B.A. in outdoor education; Vanessa Cousins (Dover Foxcroft), B.A. in theater and drama; Jacob Eustis (North Yarmouth), B.A. in business; Alyssa Greene (Turner), B.A. in hospitality and tourism management; Andrew Gurin (Mount Desert), B.A. in general studies; Jillian Porter (Springvale), B.S. in health sciences

Michigan: Mariam Ezzat (Troy), M.F.A. in studio arts

North Carolina: Gabrielle Loux (Mooresville), B.F.A. in creative writing

New Hampshire: John Berthiaume (Berlin), A.A. in general stuides; Bryanna Bertrand (Nashua), B.A. in music; Kirsten Bittner (Nashua), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine; Chelsea Carter (North Woodstock), M.A. in special education; Chelsea Detollenaere (Derry), B.A. in theater and drama; Miranda Giles (Jaffrey), B.A. in art with teaching endorsement; Samantha Kilbride (Berlin), B.A. in theater and drama; Kelsey Magee (Derry), B.A. in psychology; Rebecca McKinley (Alexandria), B.S. in health sciences; Jessica Peterson (Weare), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine

New Jersey: Randy Strand (Flanders), B.A. in art

New York: Ronald Adrian (Niskayuna), B.A. in business management; Taylor Cammer (Jefferson), B.A. in mathematics; Brandi Garcia (Peru), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine; Michael Harris (Jay), B.S. in environmental science; Amanda McLean (Woodhaven), B.A. in business; Blaze Nicolosi (Ballston Spa), B.F.A. in media arts; Lucas Peduzzi (Jay), B.A. in outdoor education

Ohio: Antonio Allen (Cincinnati), B.S. in health sciences

Pennsylvania: Ciara Leicht (Nazareth), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine; Michelle Mainus (Galeton), B.A. in business management

Rhode Island: Lindsay Goulet (Pascoag), B.A. in hospitality and tourism management

South Carolina: Allison Iannetti (Little River), B.A. in psychology; Shelby Stetson (Myrtle Beach), B.S. in wellness and alternative medicine

Virginia: Danielle Hoppe (Henrico), B.A. in biology