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The Climate Consensus at Northern Vermont University to Participate in Rally for the Planet

Members of The Climate Consensus at Northern Vermont University’s Lyndon campus will be putting their passion into action at two upcoming climate-focused events: the Seventh Annual Rally for the Planet on Friday, April 14 in Montpelier, Vt., and the Stonyfield Earth Day 5K on Saturday, April 22 in Londonderry, NH.

“We are participating in these events to continue to bring awareness to climate change and to empower those involved in our organization to continue participating in outreach,” said NVU Atmospheric Sciences student Gabby Brown ’23. “Events such as these are important opportunities for students to express concerns and participate in outreach. They also allow the public to ask questions and further their understanding about what climate change is and why it is a problem.”

The Climate Consensus got its start at NVU in 2014 after students in the Atmospheric Sciences program approached Professor Janel Hanrahan with a desire to improve climate change literacy — an effort NVU spearheads nationally through its Climate Change Science program, one of the first programs of its kind in the nation.

Today, The Climate Consensus is a growing network of current and upcoming scientists from universities across the country, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and the University of New Hampshire, concerned about the consequences of unmitigated climate change.

“The climate crisis can be frightening to young people who are just learning about the severity of our situation as they progress through their degree programs in the geosciences,” said Hanrahan, NVU Atmospheric Sciences professor and current director of the national group.

“Students know that they will personally experience catastrophic climate impacts and it can feel hopeless as they witness a lack of meaningful action to address it,” Hanrahan said. “Participating in these events gives upcoming scientists a chance to connect with each other and the community. Students walk away with a renewed sense of hope and optimism, and some now serve as representatives for The Climate Consensus at universities where they are working toward graduate degrees.”

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