A Real-World Laboratory

News7 is Northern Vermont University-Lyndon's on-campus news studio where broadcast and digital journalism majors work to hone their craft. While in the studio, students produce real news stories for real audiences in 14 towns surrounding campus.

This incubator of professional learning gives our students career-ready experiences as they develop skills in newsgathering, writing, and broadcasting for local and online viewers. News7 is one of only thirty campus-based live and daily broadcasts in the U.S., which gives our students a leg up when they graduate.  

As a broadcast and digital journalism student, you'll enter the News7 practicum as early as your fourth semester, giving you two years of live, deadline-driven experience to add to your resume.

News in Action

Your typical workday begins in the newsroom at 8 a.m. You and your fellow broadcast and digital journalism students work shifts through the day, built around your class schedule. While in the studio, you'll shoot, edit, and produce content to share on social media and the New7 website while faculty advisors are on hand to give advice and support.

When you join the News7 team, you audition for on-air anchor slots and start to build career-ready skills. Beginning with the Newsbreak (a two-minute live broadcast in the middle of the afternoon), you'll work your way up to anchoring the 5:30 news by the end of your first semester in the studio.

News7 opportunities happen off-campus too. You'll focus on stories in our region and cover local and national politics in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Behind the scenes, all students are a part of the production crew which adds to the diversity of your skills and experience. Everyone staffs cameras, works on audio, and checks video playbacks. As you rise through the program, you'll have the opportunity to be a director and lead your peers through broadcasts.

Top-tier Technology

With up-to-date technology, broadcast and digital journalism majors hone their craft with software, cameras, and audio systems that are used in newsrooms around the country. News7 is now completely HD with Ikegami cameras, Avid newsroom software, GrassValley switchers, and the technology to broadcast live on location. 

A Rich History of Success

When you sit down in our studio, you’re in the same newsroom where alumni who have gone on to work at ESPN, CBS, The Weather Channel, and other top media outlets started their careers.

Since 2004, our students and daily News7 broadcast have garnered eighty regional and national awards, including being named a Top Twenty-Five Journalism program three years in a row and an Emmy as the nation's best college newscast

Social Media and Web Links

Follow News7 and our student reporters as they report around the Northeast Kingdoms and produce content for 14 towns around campus.

Twitter: @News7_NewsLINC
Instagram: news7newslinc