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Resources for Faculty

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty have the right to:

  • Documentation – If a student requests an accommodation, faculty should ask for verification of disability in the form of an accommodation letter from the Coordinator of Disability Services that states the specific accommodations that a student is eligible for, signed by the Coordinator of Disability Services and the student.
  • Expect the student to initiate the accommodation request/process.

Faculty have the responsibility to:

  • Use a syllabus statement and class announcements to invite students to disclose their needs. See examples.
  • Upon receiving an accommodation letter, implement the accommodations.
  • Confidentiality – Treat all disability-related information as confidential.
  • Provide accommodations only to students who provide a letter from the Coordinator of Disability Services, stating which accommodations are recommended. It is not your responsibility to provide accommodations to students who are not registered with the Coordinator of Disability Services.