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Diploma Information

Policies and Procedures for Northern Vermont University Diplomas

Diplomas are awarded to students who have applied for graduation and completed all their degree requirements.

Diplomas and Unification

If you entered this institution under a Lyndon State College or Johnson State College catalog (prior to Fall 2018), but are now graduating as an NVU graduate, you will receive an NVU diploma. However, you do have the opportunity to request a commemorative Johnson State or Lyndon State diploma. To request a commemorative diploma, please complete this form.

NVU Diploma FAQ

When will I get my diploma?

All diplomas are mailed to students who have no outstanding financial obligations to the university. Diplomas are not distributed during the commencement ceremonies. May diplomas are mailed when your degree has been posted; August and December graduate’s diplomas are mailed in March.

Why does it take so long to receive my diploma?

Once final grades are collected, the Registrar’s Office reviews and certifies degree completion for all candidates. Final degree honors are calculated; The Registrar’s Office records the degree completion on your academic record, proofreads diplomas, prints official transcripts, and prepares everything for mailing.

Will my major appear on my diploma?

Yes.. Your major will also appear on your official transcript. Double majors are reminded that they receive only one degree—and thus only one diploma—but have both majors noted on their transcript.

How are degree honors determined?

Northern Vermont University recognizes three levels of distinction for undergraduate degrees:

  1. Summa Cum Laude (4.0 – 3.9 GPA)
  2. Magna Cum Laude (3.89 – 3.70 GPA)
  3. Cum Laude (3.69 – 3.50 GPA)

Effective for the graduating class of spring 2006, of the total credits required for graduation, at least 30 credits for a two-year degree and 60 credits for a four-year degree must be earned within the Vermont State Colleges by the end of the previous fall semester. (Credits earned before 2002 are not used in this calculation unless earned from Johnson State or Lyndon State.)

Honor Recognition for Ceremony

GPAs are calculated through the fall semester of your graduation year. If the honor standards are obtained by the end of the spring semester of the graduation year, the appropriate distinction is recorded on the diploma and transcript but is not acknowledged at commencement.

What size is my diploma?

Diplomas are 8.5” x 11” and are suitable for framing.

I lost my diploma; how do I get a duplicate?

The fee for the duplicate diploma is $15.

Please complete the Duplicate Diploma Request form and return it to your campus Registrar’s Office along with payment.


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