Make an impact during our Summer Session.

Three students gather outside to talk

Catch up, get ahead, or take a class for fun during our Summer Session.

It’s summertime, but classes are still in session. Both our campuses and NVU Online offer summer courses that cover a broad range of subjects.

These courses are short in duration but full of content, hands-on learning, and collaboration.

Register for a summer course at NVU.

Summer Sessions 2022

First Session Monday, May 23 – Saturday, July 2
Second Session Tuesday, July 5 – Friday, August 12
NVU Online Monday, June 6 – Friday, August 12

Course Offerings

NVU-Johnson Summer Course Offerings
NVU-Lyndon Summer Course Offerings

The most up-to-date listings of summer course offerings are available via Search for Sections. Note: With the formation of Northern Vermont University, there have been changes made to the naming conventions used for terms, location codes, and section identifiers. Please take a moment and review the Search for Sections Tip Sheet to understand these new NVU codes and concepts.


Current students can use the regular course registration process to register for summer courses. If you are a non-matriculating student interested in taking summer classes at NVU, please contact the Registrar’s Office at the campus where you are interested in taking classes. (If you are interested in NVU Online program-specific online courses, please contact the NVU-Johnson Registrar.)

Summer Tuition

Summer 2022 Undergraduate Tuition

  • In-State/Out-of-State $370 per credit

Summer 2022 Graduate Tuition

  • In-State/Out-of-State: $629 per credit
Summer 2022 NVU Online Tuition
  • In-State/Out-of-State $355 per credit