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About the Certificate of Proficiency in Accounting

On July 1, 2014, Vermont adopted interstate equivalency standards for certified public accountants (CPAs) and changed state licensing rules to make it easier for accountants to practice in other states.The changes require licensed accountants and CPAs to have one year of experience and a bachelor’s degree plus 30 additional college credits for a total of 150 credits. Forty-two of the credits must be in accounting-related courses.

A Flexible Way to Earn Required Credits

Northern Vermont University-Johnson’s certificate of proficiency in accounting is a flexible and convenient way to earn the additional credits required to meet the new licensing standards and sit for the national CPA exam. There’s no set curriculum because the program is geared toward each student’s particular situation.

A person who never took any accounting-related courses as an undergraduate would need to earn all 42 of the credits through the certificate program, while someone with a B.A. in business might need to take fewer accounting-related courses but would still need to accrue the required additional 30 credits.

A full-time student could complete the certificate in one year: in two semesters if only 30 credits are needed or in two semesters plus the summer if 42 credits are needed. Students enrolled in the certificate program are eligible for financial aid.