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NVU Online Add/Drop Policy

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Add/Drop Policy for NVU Online Students

Please be aware of the following important deadlines regarding adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses. Note that these deadlines are for courses offered by NVU Online and do not apply to those that NVU Online students take from other institutions.

Add/drop/withdrawal and refund: You can add/drop/withdraw from a course based on NVU deadlines, but the refund policy is tied to the institution offering the course. For example, in order to receive a 100% refund for a course offered by the Community College of Vermont (CCV), a student must drop at least twenty-four hours before the first class.

See the NVU Online course bulletin for specific deadline dates. After these dates, an appeal must be submitted to the NVU Online Office in order to drop or withdraw from a course.  Approval of these appeals is not guaranteed.

If you drop a course:

  • The course is removed from your transcript.
  • The number of credits you remain registered for is decreased.
  • You are not charged for the course, and may be entitled to a refund.
  • If your financial aid has already been disbursed, you may be required to re-pay part of it if you.
  • You must remain registered for at least 6 credits in order to be eligible for federal loans.

If you withdraw from a course:

  • The course remains on your transcript with a grade of “W,” which does not affect your GPA.
  • The number of credits you remain registered for does not change.
  • You are still charged for the course.
  • Your financial aid is usually not affected (unless the withdrawal drops your Satisfactory Academic Progress rate [SAP] below 2/3 of all credits attempted).

Students dropping or withdrawing from all courses in a semester must submit an electronic exit form.