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Northern Vermont University will join with Castleton University and Vermont Technical College to become Vermont State University on July 1, 2023. Learn more and apply for fall 2023.

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Why NVU Online?

From our mission-driven commitment to student success, to our flexible, affordable, high-quality course offerings, Northern Vermont University is an excellent option for students looking to earn their degree through a distance-learning program.

We Are Nationally Recognized and Mission Driven

You Will Learn from the Best

  • NVU Online courses provide students with one-on-one attention from seasoned faculty with professional, real-world experience.
  • NVU Online programs are current and up to date, with regular review by industry leaders.

We Are Committed to Your Success

  • From day one, we will give you the tools to succeed online!
  • You’ll start your NVU Online experience with an online orientation to ensure you are prepared.
  • You’ll also have support staff, advisors, and a dedicated Online Research Librarian who are all just a phone call or email away.

We Give You a Personalized Education

  • Our programs (including two self-designed options), enable you to design a degree or credential around your personal interests and goals.
  • The interdisciplinary studies program will allow you to choose three areas of study and explore how each influences and enriches the others.
  • If you have existing college credits, professional studies will allow you to design a program that applies those credits to a career-oriented field.

We Set the Online Standard

  • NVU’s online courses are carefully designed to ensure the best and most engaging experience for learners. You will experience a welcoming, inclusive community of teachers and learners.
  • Our enrollment cap of 22 students per course is designed to ensure that you receive personalized attention and have an outstanding learning experience.
  • NVU Online is listed in the top 4 online schools in Vermont by Best Value Schools.

We Are Affordable

  • Students enrolled in our 100% online undergraduate degree programs pay the same rate no matter where they live. Students in the early childhood education program should refer to the ECE tuition and fees.

Transfer Credits

Continuing your education with NVU is an easy choice — and a smart one, too! We’ll make sure you get the most value from your prior learning and we can even help you get credit for life experience, saving you time and money. Our dedicated online and transfer advisors help you navigate the process, connect you with any resources you need, and create a degree plan that meets your goals in the shortest possible time.

Convenient Flexible Course Delivery

You can access all our resources from your home or office 24/7. Plus, we have multiple start dates and rolling admissions so you can apply anytime and pick from nine starting points every year! Northern Vermont University provides our distance students with the choice of seven- and fifteen-week courses in fall and spring as well as accelerated and traditional-length courses in the summer. This means that students can finish a complete course in as few as seven weeks!


*International students may apply to NVU Online if they are not currently in the United States. For students living in the United States, please refer to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) regulations to acquire a student visa (F-1 status).*