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An advanced degree can be the right choice if you have a career goal that requires an intense and specialized course of study, but it’s definitely not a decision to be made without careful consideration.

The Career & Internship Center can be a helpful resource as you think through this decision. Some questions we can help you answer include:

  • Does your career choice require a graduate degree?
  • Is your undergraduate GPA high enough to get you accepted, or will you need to take preliminary courses to prove your ability?
  • Will a graduate degree make employment in your chosen field easier, or could it over-qualify you?
  • Will the time and money invested in graduate school outweigh the money earned by getting a job immediately after graduating?
  • How will you fund your graduate studies?
  • Could an entry-level job in your field help to finance graduate school?
  • Search online for more information, at sites such as or learn about the GRE at

Graduate School Testing

Standardized testing is a major part of the graduate school application process and has the potential to have a huge impact on the likelihood of your being accepted into a graduate program. The GRE is the common assessment for individuals hoping to pursue a graduate degree in humanities, social, physical, and biological sciences. The GMAT is a common requirement of those who wish to pursue a business degree. The LSAT is used to assess applicants to law school. And the MCAT is a common requirement for applicants to medical schools.

Click here to find out which GRE Prep Course is right for you.

Tips for Applying to Graduate School

  • Pay special attention to application deadlines, required documents, entrance exams, and application instructions
  • Allow yourself a full year from the application deadlines to research and apply to your chosen graduate programs
  • Consult the Northern Vermont University Career & Internship Center at Johnson or Career Services at Lyndon for advice and support

More Helpful Information:

Applying for Fellowships

A paid, post-graduation service fellowship might be just the right move after graduation. You can find many short-term (one- to two-year) opportunities for new and recent graduates at nonprofit organizations around the country, and they are a great way to enter the nonprofit field.

The Career & Internship Center can help you to learn more and explore your options. Keep in mind that many deadlines are in the fall and early winter, so if this seems like something that might interest you, the process needs to begin early.

We’ve selected a few sites that can help you get started exploring fellowship opportunities: