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Career Support for International Students

Staff at the Northern Vermont University Career and Internship Center can help you research, anticipate, and negotiate cultural differences, immigration policies and other elements of living and working internationally that can complicate your post-graduation job search.

Internships for International Students

ATTENTION:  You could put your student visa status at risk if you do not follow the federal regulations. Please contact Elga Gruner, International Admissions Coordinator, at or 802.635.1223.

Tips for Your International Work Search

  • Learn how your visa works as it relates to the job search
  • Be able to communicate your visa status to a potential employer
  • Utilize the Career and Internship Center to identify employers who hire international students
  • Network to establish connections, and reach out to international alumni
  • Continue to practice your written and verbal English skills
  • Join student organizations and associations related to your major
  • Attend the Career and Internship Center events
  • Write your professional documents (cover letter and resume) in American style
  • Focus on companies with a history of hiring internationals
  • Understand cultural differences in the workplace and hiring process

International Student Resources