Fairs, Events, and Workshops

Fairs, Events, and Workshops

Career Fairs

Connect with employers in our area at our annual career fairs. Whether you're searching for an internship or your first job after graduation, the career fair is a great place to start.

Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

  • Scope out local employment opportunities 
  • Learn what employers are looking for in job and internship candidates
  • Gain communication skills as you talk with employers
  • Aim to make a great impression and set up an interview

Career Fair Tips

  • Arrive Early
  • Dress to impress
  • Bring your updated resume and a pen
  • Research organizations you're interested in before the event
  • Introduce yourself with your "elevator pitch"
    • I am (introduction of name, career field, major
    • I have experience/skills in (brief description of your experiences, skills, and/ or studies.)
    • I am interested in/would like to (your career interests, aspirations, goals.)
  • Plan a few key questions.
  • Ask what they like best about working for the company
  • Take notes!
  • Get their business card
  • Request an interview.  It can’t hurt and they might just say “yes!"
  • Follow up with a letter or email (resume included) that:
    • Reinforces points you made and facts you learned,
    • Reiterates your interest in the position and reminds them of your strengths, and
    • Thank them for their time