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Internships are valuable ways of translating classroom theory into practical application, discovering what professional skills you need to master, and gaining firsthand knowledge of the pros and cons of a profession. Internships are measured in credit hours, are graded, and may or may not be paid work experiences. The majority of graduates reported that their internships positively affected their post-graduate employment potential.

All students with sophomore standing, who have spent at least one semester at Lyndon have a 2.0 GPA or better, and have the approval of their sponsoring academic department are eligible to participate in an internship.

Presently all Lyndon academic departments, EXCEPT Recreation, Education, Psychology, and Exercise Science require students to obtain internship paperwork from the Career Services Office. Before an internship can officially begin a student must complete an “Internship Contract” with the faculty member who will be supervising the internship. Once the contract is completed the student must obtain the necessary signatures on the bottom of the contract. THEN the student must bring the completed and signed “Internship Contract” to the Director of Career Services. (Mountain Recreation, Education, and Psychology, students who are interested in internships need to follow their departmental procedures.)
The necessary internship forms are here for your convenience. Please complete your contract, obtain the necessary signatures and bring the contract to Career Services located in the Advising Resource Center.

For internship opportunities please visit Career Services for suggestions and check out the links below. (Forms are currently branded Lyndon State College as we continue to transition our processes to Northern Vermont University.) 

Student Internship Forms

Employer Forms

Downloadable Files


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INTERNQUBE- website resources for interns
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Amy Wright, M.Ed., Director of Career Services, NVU-Lyndon 
LAC 323
802.626.6441 | 802.626.9770 (fax)