WWLR Radio – Lyndon Campus

The Voice of Northern Vermont University-Lyndon

WWLR, 91.5 FM, is a completely student-run club, and is a member of NVU-Lyndon’s Student Government Association.

Broadcasting from the top of Vail Hill near the President’s House, with an output of 3,000 watts, WWLR is a freeform community radio station. Faculty, staff, and students can play whatever music they choose. From hip-hop to metal, from reggae to rock, country to contemporary, WWLR has it all.

DJs of 91.5 use the station’s production room to produce and manage station recordings for promotions, station IDs, and underwriting. Those DJs who desire to enhance their broadcast can use our high-end non-linear audio editing technology to create professional quality/industry standard sound effects, lyric edits, and voice recordings.

WWLR broadcasts to all of Caledonia County, VT and most of Coos County, NH, as well as online

WWLR members have the opportunity for real-world experience in radio, while learning about broadcasting. DJs can step up into management positions to run a real radio station in a true business setting. Members gain the radio experience of broadcasting to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and by streaming shows on the web.

Online Streaming

You can listen to WWLR anywhere in the world via the internet.

•    Broadband
•    Low Bandwidth