Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Connect. Engage. Succeed.

A big part of college success is making connections — with other students and with your professors. And as a first-year student at Northern Vermont University–Johnson, there’s no better way to build connections than joining a learning community, or LC.

LCs build bridges — between the academic and co-curricular aspects of your education and between learning on campus and off, whether that means a field trip kayaking down local waterways, visiting nearby tiny houses, or dinner at a faculty member’s home.

LCs are small groups of students who take two classes together and participate in a variety of activities all organized around a common theme that matches your interests — so from day one you’re making friends with people who share those interests. And because LCs are small, you’re building close-knit relationships with your professors as well.

2018-19 Learning Communities at NVU–Johnson

A Call to Action: Building Sustainable Communities

This learning community is designed for students in all majors; outdoor education and environmental science majors are encouraged to enroll.

Please note: This LC is full. In this learning community, you will join other like-minded first-year students and take two classes (Introduction to Sustainability and FYS: A Call to Action) and a 1 credit Success Lab. We will explore real-world issues, look for new sustainable strategies, and develop skills to become agents for positive change in our local and global communities. We will also take several field trips to learn about, serve, and build community among ourselves and with others in our region. As you learn the key principles of sustainability and explore strategies for active citizenship and community engagement, you’ll be part of a challenging and enjoyable academic and social environment that will enrich your life at Northern Vermont University – Johnson.

We believe humans can learn to live in harmony with the environment; and to do this, we must learn to think about long-term interconnected solutions to address the complex issues that surround us. We believe that true sustainability must include ecological integrity, social equity, and economic stability for all. We believe that college students are key catalysts in affecting real positive change in their own communities and globally.

Art and Earth Learning Community

This Learning Community is designed for all majors. Students entering in art, media arts, and environmental sciences are encouraged to enroll.

In this LC, you will join other like-minded first year students and take two classes (Introduction to Drawing and FYS: Art of the Social Imagination) and a 1 credit Success Lab.

In FYS: Art of the Social Imagination, we will examine many social issues surrounding art and nature. We will look at artists and make art that deals with nature, images of nature, environmental activism, earth art and discuss what does it mean to be an environmentally friendly artist. The course will be both art history: discussing artists who work with nature or the environment in some ways as well as going out and making art that deals with nature. This LC course is taught in conjunction with a Drawing I course.

Field trips to art centers and art museums and getting out in nature will connect you with people who share your interests and help you build a strong foundation for success (and fun) at NVU–Johnson.