NVU-Johnson SOAR

Take your first steps as a Northern Vermont University student at NVU-Johnson's SOAR.  

Welcome, new students and families! We are all very excited to give you a heartfelt, informative, and educational welcome to Northern Vermont University and a solid start to your NVU journey. 

All newly enrolled students are required to participate in our virtual SOAR program.

Student Orientation And Resources (SOAR)

In response to continuing public health concerns surrounding COVID -19, we have reimagined our Student Orientation, Advising, and Resources (SOAR) summer program and have developed a mix of virtual, self-paced, and interactive programs which will begin on July 1st. This virtual SOAR program will be available throughout the summer and fall semester. 

During your SOAR sessions, you will receive an official campus welcome from President Collins, hear from various departments including First-Year Experience, Residence Life, Athletics, Academic Advising, Academic Support Services, and Student Administrative Services, to name a few. 

You will also have the opportunity to connect with your Orientation Leader and Orientation group. Your Orientation Leader will be available to you every step of the way and will provide several virtual social opportunities for you and your Orientation Group to get to know one another.

For parents and families, we hope you will attend the Parents and Families Information Session, too.

In August, if CDC and State guidance permits, we will provide an optional one day campus event to connect in person with peers, schedule meetings with folks on campus, and participate in a variety of workshops geared towards your orientation to the campus and connection with our community.

We’ll be adding more detailed information about SOAR in the coming months so be sure to check back regularly for these updates.